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I also tried to take some photos on Thursday but ....

Winter League

Well, the mist had lifted that prevented me from collecting a worthy sample of action photographs from the matches played at Lindley Lib and Thorpe Green on Monday. The mist was chased away by the heavy rain which drenched the Division 5 teams and few spectators at Netherton Cons on Thursday making it equally difficult to provide any really useful photographic record of the event.

Even where I could get the bowlers in focus it was difficult to identify them as most had at least three layers of waterproof clothing hiding their identities. What I have I share with you now although I have to confess leaving well before the end to find a drier and warmer place.

What the photographs don't do justice to is the lush state of the Netherton Con green. It is in remarkable condition and despite the heavy and persistent rain it took it all in it's stride to provide a true surface for the bowlers to perform their best on.

Use the side arrows to scroll through the 14 photographs from Thursday's matches.

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