HuddWeb notifications stopped working?

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One of the benefits of becoming a member of HuddWeb is that you receive an email notification every time a new post appears on the homepage. Some members have reported a problem with that as it can switch itself off or disappear into your email's Spam folder. If you want to redeem or preserve your notifications for the future then read on. If you want to Become a Member then click on this link.

The Notification facility stops working if a recipient stops clicking on the link in a notification.

It will believe that anyone who doesn't use that link after a certain period as being of a mind not to receive notifications so will cease sending them.

The only way around that is to re-register as a new member on the site and that will reset the notification function and then you need to use the link on the notification emails on a regular basis in the future to ensure it keeps notifying you on a regular basis. If you do re-register then I will delete your previous membership login.

You always have the option of switching the notification off at any time and the guide to doing that can be found here. Sometimes the switching off and then back on of the notification settings can trigger a satisfactory outcome but the best means is to start with a new clean registration.

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