How low can the BCGBA & YCCGBA go?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

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The online poll on bowlers reaction to 2021 membership fees has concluded. Hitting the low spots are the BCGBA and Yorkshire CCGBA with only 6% of responders supporting their action in circulating the proposed fee levels for 2021 four months before the deadline for payment.

Comments added were not complimentary with one respondent likening this act as a scam to extort money under false pretences. These two bodies are about as popular as an overweight man in a lift with a bad attack of wind, hay fever and no mask!

It is only right to point out at this time that the YCCGBA has not yet committed to these membership fees for 2021 and the facts to date are that these fees are still to be confirmed by them. Bearing in mind that these figures are being circulated by the YCCGBA Chief Executive Officer it would be a surprise if they varied much from the final figures to be levied.

The Leagues that have sent out reminders about 2021 membership fees to clubs don't fare any better with an identical popularity rating of 6% with a further 86% stating that no fees should be required until there is clarity about the 2021 season.

The only sympathy shown by voters was to their local bowling clubs whilst there is still some resistance to paying for anything yet there were 57% of the votes indicated that they would support a charge of some kind at the present time. Most clubs tend to wait until they are in the calendar year before asking for membership fees. The full set of results are below from 35 votes received. The comments included by some of the voters can be found here.

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