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Hopes for 2024

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I have never been one for making New Year's resolutions but I do still harbour hopes for each New Year and I would like to share my hopes for crown green bowling in Huddersfield for 2024.

  • I hope that all the Huddersfield Leagues see an upturn in team numbers for the 2024 season

  • I hope that the Huddersfield Veterans League goes ahead with its rebalancing of the Divisions as promised and treats all teams as equals

  • I hope that the Yorkshire CCGBA stops using officials' personal bank accounts for the collection of YCCGBA fees

  • I hope that the Yorkshire CCGBA produces its first audited Balance Sheet for 4 years and then all the officials resign in shame

  • I hope that one individual emerges to lead local bowling back from the brink to unify the clubs and leagues to produce a concentrated assault on the current apathy there is in our sport

  • I hope that Leagues stop judging their success by how much money they have in the bank and look towards supporting clubs more through a difficult financial period

  • I hope that the Huddersfield Bowling Development Association builds on its initial efforts to promote our sport by holding more open days and coach training sessions

  • I hope that the Winter League can find two more host greens to satisfy the insatiable demand from teams to join in the success of winter bowling.

If you have some hopes of your own that you feel merit further consideration then please leave a comment below or join our WhatsApp Group. You will need to become a HuddWeb member to do either of those.

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Jan 08

I have a little simple hope that Lindley Bowling Club can attract say 3 or 4 new bowlers for next season for its Huddersfield Vets teams to make up for players mainly moving away from the area. Our A team play in Division 1 and our B team play in Division 4.

First year subs only £10

Another little hope , that anyone interested in taking up bowls wanders down to the Club on a Thursday afternoon from around 2pm and I’ll happily give them free coaching - even followed by tea and biscuits - how’s that for an offer !! Plus, if they show enough interest and a little talent I’ll have them playing competitively before the en…

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