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Half-term report from Division 3

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Winter League

Division 3 of the Winter League is proving to be the tightest competition of the three divisions so far and that may be attributable to the fact that teams in this division rotate their players much more than the other two divisions. Already 75 bowlers have played in this division which is more than either of the other divisions.

With just 10 points between the top five teams and with four different teams already experiencing life at the top of the table, this is the most closely contested of our three divisions. Add to that 6 drawn matches to date which is double either of the other two divisions can point to.

All this makes it difficult to forecast results on a weekly basis so trying to highlight the promotion favourites is an impossible task. Teams in this division are more likely to rotate their bowlers than in the other two divisions as they share out the winter bowling experience. There are also more lady bowlers in Division 3 than in the other two added together.

Unlike our other two host greens this is the first season that Thorpe Green have opened up their green for competition bowling during the winter months so they are still learning the lessons that our other greens have already experienced but they are catching up fast.

The spectator attendances at Thorpe Green have been very high with no alternative matches to watch on a Monday being enough reason for the resolute spectator to head to the welcoming atmosphere of this bowling outpost. As well as being an enjoyable spectacle it is a mine of bowling gossip as bowlers meander around the green perimeter to keep up to date and warm.

Others have alternative ways of passing a good three hours of their time including the Milnsbridge squad that have taken up residence in the 'Director's Box' with their blankets, travel rugs and hot water bottles all called into service. It is noticeable how teams set up residence in the same quarter each week using the shelters around the green as protection against the elements but also using the open south-facing areas to capture the sunshine.

Thorpe Green 'C' team captain and Winter League Committee member, Alan Hobson, gave his view on progress ....

I bowled at Milnsbridge in the 2020 Winter League season and the thing that I enjoyed most was the very friendly, but competitive, atmosphere in which the games were played. I think, as we approach the halfway stage of the season at Thorpe Green, that we are well on the way to creating a similar environment here. I look forward to the matches on Monday and to meeting up with friends old and new. Alan Hobson

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