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Greenkeeping Academy new membership offer

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As well as trying to bring you all the latest local news we also go wider in search of information and services that may be of interest to local bowling clubs. Here is an update on one such service that has been around for a while now and is updating the way that you can take advantage of its services.

The Bowls Central Academy has now been running for nearly 5 years and has become a popular place for bowling greenkeepers to update their knowledge on greenkeeping and to access a range of benefits to help their clubs maintain and improve their greens more economically.

However, as time has gone on, the most frequent request I receive related to Academy Membership is:

“why can’t we have a club membership that is paid for annually by the club?”

Until now, converting the Academy Membership to an annual subscription format through the Bowls Central Shop checkout has proved tricky due to several legacy software issues related to the way I have organically grown the website. All of that is in the past and from 1st December, the Academy will now be available as an annual subscription, which you can simply add to your basket in the website shop as you would with a bag of fertiliser, meaning that you no longer need to use a personal Paypal account….essentially the membership fee can be charged to your club’s account.

If you are thinking of having a soil analysis undertaken at any time then through this organisation that would cost you anything between £110 to £150. Whilst that service comes included in the annual membership fee to join the Academy so may be more attractive to prospective new members.

Further information on the offer and other related information can be found here.

Bowls-Central is the home of John Quinn’s blog for bowling club managers and greenkeepers. John who is one of only 80 Master Greenkeepers worldwide has nearly 40 years of experience in bowling green maintenance, fine turf care and managing sports facilities including the design, construction, establishment and management of bowling greens and golf courses.

John has been involved in all aspects of the industry including hands-on greenkeeping, design and management of facilities, bowling green contracting and greenkeeper education. John was previously a Director at Elmwood College, the premier greenkeeper training college in Europe.

John’s current work includes providing consulting and training services to clients on turf maintenance and club management, including the training of golf courses and golf club managers in China on a regular basis.

John is also an active author and has published a range of titles for bowling clubs and other businesses.

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