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Good final day for Skel Windmill teams

Veterans League

The last day of the Veterans 6-Man League season finalised all the outstanding issues with the two Skel Windmill Division 2 teams getting the results they wanted. The B team needed 5 points from their final match away at Holmfirth 'A' to secure their place in Division 2 for next season but didn't get any as their Holmfirth opponents were also desperate for points.

However the bottom-of-the-table clash between Meltham and New Mill saw the points shared 4-3 which resulted in New Mill and the Skel B side equal on 45 points. So it went down to the better 'Aggregate For' total to separate them which saw Skel Windmill 'B' avoid the drop.

Their 'A' side needed one point from their trip to Slaithwaite who for the 8th successive time failed to field a full team of 6 bowlers. They only managed to field three this time gifting the points to Skel Windmill 'A' which was enough to see them safely established in the second promotion place. An unsatisfactory conclusion to the season for all the teams involved.

With all the other title, promotion and relgation issues already decided that wraps up the 6-Man League's season. there has been heatwave and State Funeral fixture postponements to extend the season and the mess around the 50% rule has impacted severely on a number of results and ultimately promotion and relegation have been decided by this rule, not on the green.

Let's hope that the proposed rule changes have been properly thought through this time to prevent any reoccurance. As this rule was originally introduced by the Management Committee who then opposed amendments to it put forward at the last two General Meetings I would expect clubs to look critically at any solution the Management Committee proposes with preference for a club-led solution this time.

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