Getting ready for the restart

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Getting Ready for the 1st Match - What You Need to Know

You will be pleased to know that all the clubs involved in our league have completed their Covid 19 Risk Assessments, many thanks to all those who have been involved. What this means is that clubs have considered our governing bodies guidelines/advice, and have put in place measures to ensure a safe environment.

We don’t want to insult your intelligence by repeating the safety measures that we have all been living with for the last year, but there are a few special points that we think would be useful to highlight.

Track and Trace compliance

Can we ask that away team captains bring a list of names and telephone numbers of all your squad. This will speed things up on the night and will ensure that records are complete. Home team captains may choose to do the same or ask their squad to either fill in the record book or scan the QR code if this is provided. Records are to be kept for 21 days.

Sanitizing shared equipment

Jacks and mats must be sanitized between games.

Players should be encouraged to bring and use their own measures - otherwise these will need to be sanitized too.


The wearing of masks during outdoor sport is not recommended by our governing bodies but you will need one for any indoor activity e.g. doing cards, toilet visits.


It would appear that most venues are not doing take-away refreshments, so it will be best to take your own. If anyone is serving takeaway drinks then that's a bonus and support will be appreciated. This will obviously change soon, hopefully on the 17th of May.

These safety measures might seem a bit of a hassle but after a couple of games we will all be used to it. Let's regard it a small price to pay for being able to see her, and her, and her, and all those other lovely people that you’ve not seen for ages.

If you have any queries do get in touch with any of us.

Best wishes for a glorious uninterrupted season.

The Committee

7th May 2021

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