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Frank's 88th birthday present to himself

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Veterans League

Yesterday was Frank Greenwood's 88th birthday and he celebrated by winning the Veterans League Over-80's KO title for the second time in three attempts. Golcar Lib stalwalt bowler Frank beat Kirkheaton Con bowler 83-years old Gordon Walker 21-17 in the Final which Alan Stephenson, in his presentation speech, hailed as the best that he had seen in the 13 years he has watched the Final

Frank started off scratch and once he had clawed back the 4 handicap difference was never behind throughout the match but was pushed all the way by Gordon before adding the 2021 title to the 2018 one he had previously claimed. This was only Frank's 3rd entry into this competition as it has previously clashed with his annual trip to the Isle of Man competition week where he has been a regular attender. Gordon meanwhile rued his second defeat in the last two Final appearances of this competition having lost out to 2019 winner Eddie Hine.

Earlier in the day, the two semi-finals saw Frank beat Roy Sutton of Meltham 21-8 and Gordon beat Elland C&BC captain Geoff Firth 21-14 to set up the final pair with Frank claiming the title as his birthday present to himself. Congratulations Frank.

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