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Ever thought about becoming a Bowls Coach?

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If you are thinking about becoming a qualified crown green bowling coach then you need to be aware of some qualification sessions planned for later this month.

The formal training arm of Sport England is 'Coach Bowls' and they provide the means for you to become certified to undertake training sessions. There are two levels of coaching - Level 1 and Level 2. You have to have successfully become a Level 1 coach before you can try for Level 2 status.

An online Level 1 course is being held before the start of the season consisting of two training sessions. One on 13 April and the other on 4 May. They are both Tuesdays and both have a 7pm start time. There is a cost associated with the course which is £130. You will also have to become a member which will cost you another £15. Further details are below and a booking form is available on the Coach Bowls website.

Level 1 Online Crown Green Coaching Course Day 1: Tuesday 13th April 2021 - Time: 7pm - Online Day 2: Tuesday 4th May 2021- Time 7pm - Online *This is a British Crown Green course only*

Attendance on both days is required to achieve the qualification. Please note you are also required to complete tasks both practical and written away from the course. The course including the completion of a portfolio and an assessment. You will be required to complete tasks away from the course.

Course Information This qualification will enable you to work with beginner Bowlers as an assistant to a higher qualified coach and/or if you are over 18 years of age, you can independently deliver the 4 ‘Play Bowls for Fun’ Sessions as provided by the Bowls Development Alliance . All pre-course information will be sent to you via email about a week before the course starts. Course Content The topics covered on the course are:

  • Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of the Level 1 Bowls Coaching Assistant and the role of a Participation Programme Facilitator

  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Vulnerable adults

  • Health, Safety, Accidents and emergencies

  • Effective Communication. Coaching and Learning

  • Planning and Evaluation Bowls Coaching sessions

  • Coaching a Beginner

  • Warm ups

  • Working with the Jack

  • Working with the bowl

  • Introducing Basic shots

  • Cool downs

Qualification Prerequisites

  • Be able to communicate effectively in English ( this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing)

  • Must be at least 15 years of age, 16 on certification

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Martin Holt
Martin Holt

I've had to check my calendar as I thought 1st April had arrived 🤣



At £130 for two sessions !! Expect no takers.

There is a much cheaper way to do it which from memory cost me £ nil.

Philip of Lindley

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