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European Championships 2023

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The self-appointed European Crown Green Bowling Championships may be of interest to local bowlers as they are being held in Cyprus in January 2023. All the details are below. We are not promoting this commercial experience it is here for information only but it does read well. Maybe some bowlers who have been there before would like to add their comments on the offer. Comments can be added anonymously below.

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Jun 25, 2022

I’ve been a regular visitor to its sister hotel next door for the past 10 or 11 years. I originally chose the Athena Royal Beech Hotel next door because it is a bit smaller and children aren’t allowed. Both hotels are very good in an excellent location overlooking the sea and great for bowling. There are 4 bowling greens positioned between the two hotels..Competitions are usually held in the mornings and are well worth watching and the greens are available to hotel guests in the afternoon. A retired English couple look after the greens and arrange fun competitions with small cash prizes. At quieter times they let me and a few other crown green bowlers play with a cro…

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