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Elland League loses 17 teams

League News

As more and more leagues publish their 2021 fixture programmes the damage done by the pandemic becomes ever more apparent. The Elland League being one of the latest to issue their new season figures and these show that they have lost 20% of their teams starting with only 68 teams compared with the 85 that ended the 2019 season. The season opens on Monday 17 May and there are still 8 divisions which will end with matches as usual on the first Monday in September.

That 20% drop put the Elland League as the 2nd worst affected local league with only the Bradford Saturday League having a bigger drop percentage-wise. We have also added some more local leagues to the updated listing below including the Barnsley and Halifax veterans leagues We still await the numbers for six other local leagues and we will continue to add to, and publish, this listing as the information becomes available.

Tomorrow we will publish a new table which just covers ladies leagues in the area for comparison purposes which includes a league consisting of only 4 teams!

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