Drawn Pairs KO history mystery solved

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Ladies Works League

Someone Made My Day

Last Sunday - that glorious springlike day.

Out walking over Fulstone way, everything bursting with life.

Birds singing and lambs teetering.

Boris and Elvis (pygmy goats) and Custard and Rolo (nanny goats) looking curious.

And then a text message disturbing the peace.

But what a message - identifying the 2015 Drawn Pairs Winners as Wendy Edgar and Liz Beaumont.

Many thanks to Jane Heraty for providing this elusive information.

Thanks also to Karen Rausse and Bernie Toon for details of earlier winners.

So Sunday turned out to be a very enjoyable day in more ways than one.


We've now added the complete list of Drawn Pairs KO Winners to the League records.

Whilst one mystery gets solved another related to the same competition remains. The trophy that is awarded annually to the winners of this competition remains unaccounted for despite an appeal on this site last November. The Joyce Lang Trophy is still on the missing list and anyone who has any inkling where it might be is asked to contact Hazel Rangeley on 01484 660543 / 07732614878 or email p.rangeley511@btinternet.com

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