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I've had a query from one Veterans League club asking me to canvass other clubs about their insurance arrangements. This club is particularly interested to learn of any club that uses an alternative provider to the BCGBA approved company of Endsleigh.

The Public Liability Insurance that the BCGBA insist all clubs and leagues sign up to can be provided by the BCGBA approved provider Endsleigh Insurance at a cost of £45 p.a. Has anyone found an alternative provider?

I spent a little time last October sourcing an insurance provider for the new Huddersfield Winter League. I only found two other companies that offered sports clubs and leagues such cover and neither had specific bowling requirements fully covered. Both were more expensive at £120 and over £200 so we ended up taking the Endsleigh option. To be honest this was the only incentive for joining the BCGBA.

However, during this exercise, I became aware that Endsleigh has given the BCGBA notice that they intend to increase the price of this policy as there has been a rise in claims over the past 2 years. In response, I was told by Yorkshire CCGBA that they were undertaking a review of their requirements and looking at potential providers. Looks like things are about to change and it is difficult to see it becoming any cheaper to insure our sport unless you know better.

If any club has an alternative arrangement already in place perhaps they will share the details of that and their impressions of the provider, service and costs. Contact Us

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