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Division 6 Preview

Winter League

Preview of the Division 6 fixtures to be played on Thursday 12 October at Huddersfield RUFC

Broad Oak begin their delayed start to Winter League bowling by tackling 2nd in the table Linthwaite Hall tomorrow at the Rugby Club at Lockwood Park the home of all Division 3 fixtures. Although they are 2nd in the table they are also on the same number of points as the team in 7th position so close are things at this early stage of the season.

New Mill C are the early leaders and they will be aiming to add to that advantage when playing Lockwood Con B who are one of the six teams on 4 points. Cowcliffe will be hoping to open their season's account when playing Kirkheaton Con B and Golcar C&BC meet the host club representatives with both teams once again on the same 4 points total.

We are always striving to make the bowler experience on matchdays better and one area that we can improve on is measuring. If every team brought a measure each week and responded whenever any match called for the tape that would reduce the wait that can materialise. This becomes more important as the season progresses and the weather becomes colder and wetter. Anything that reduces the time that bowlers are standing around waiting for someone to respond to a measure call has to be beneficial to all. It doesn't matter if it isn't your team that is involved. If the call goes out near where you are stood offer your services and keep the matches and bowlers moving. Thanks.

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Karen Rausse
Karen Rausse
Oct 11, 2023

Good idea for measuring Jeff , there's always people round the green to help, keep them measures in yer pocket 😀

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