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December new bowler registrations

Winter League

Three teams have acquired new bowlers this month to add to their ranks and they are:

  • Colin Noble (Lockwood Con)

  • Bernie Toon (Netherton Con B) guest bowler

  • Julie Mallinson (Lindley BC A) guest bowler transferred from New Millers who she hasn't played for this season.

Teams are allowed to register new bowlers for their team at any time through the season, there is no signing deadline at all. It is very straightforward if such bowlers are already playing members of that club in other Leagues. If they are not already playing members of that club then they can still be registered if their usual club doesn't have a Winter League team.

Bowlers can only play for one team in a season. In addition, Guest Bowlers can also be added at any time during the season based on the following criteria as covered in the League Rules.

A maximum of one guest bowler who has joined a Winter League Club from another Winter League club or from a club that does not have a team in the Winter League will be allowed to play in any one match. More than one such bowler can be registered by a club.

Except with the permission of the Management Committee a bowler for a club in a Winter League team must have played at least one match for that club in the previous Summer League season unless they have just become age-qualified to play in the Winter League. The only exception to this is a single guest bowler allowed under the rule above.

If anyone is in doubt about the eligibility of any bowler then please contact the League Secretary for an immediate decision.

Footnote: Up to date 283 bowlers have actually played in League matches this season

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