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Dalton in the snow this morning

Thank you to David Catherine for a couple of photographs of the Dalton green this morning which offers some of the most striking views of Castle Hill with or without the snow. The Dalton green is the oldest one in the area being first established in 1878. Send me photos of your green and clubhouse, again with or without the snow. Send them

Coincidentally I was musing through some old Examiner reports this morning and found a short footnote regarding the Dalton clubhouse.

Huddersfield Examiner 23 January 1984 Dalton, whose old pavilion was vandalised and whose new one was wrecked by the recent gales, were given a £50 donation by the Huddersfield Bowling Association.

So whilst the views depicted in these photos show the wonderful view across to Castle Hill from the Dalton green it also means that it is wide open to all the elements and the consequences of that.

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