COVID-19 Test & Trace and bowling

Coronavirus Road Map

The latest advice and mandatory guidance on the NHS Test & Trace system as it affects bowling clubs is now available along with updated guidance on when you must wear a facemask.

As part of the 'Road Map to Normality' the national Test & Trace service has a key role in halting the spread of the infection. Bowling clubs, in line with all other sports clubs, must keep a record of all people visiting or using their facilities. These details must be retained for 21 days to cover the incubation period for Coronavirus, which can be up to 14 days, and an additional 7 days to allow time for testing and tracing.

Clubs should use a manual sign-in record and/or preferably also display an NHS QR code so that visitors can scan it into their Test & Trace app on their mobile devices. How you collect and retain this information should be covered in your club's Risk Assessment.

The rules on NHS Test and Trace have changed.

Bowling clubs must ask every customer or visitor aged 16 and over to scan the NHS QR code using their NHS COVID-19 app or provide their name and contact details, not just a lead member of the group. This is to ensure everyone receives the necessary public health advice in a timely manner.

Hospitality facilities (including restaurants, cafes or bars within other types of venue) are legally required to refuse entry to those who refuse to check in or provide their contact details.

What you must do

  • Ask every visitor aged 16 and over to provide their name and contact details.

  • Keep a record of all staff working on your premises and shift times on a given day, and their contact details.

  • Keep these records of customers, visitors and staff for 21 days and provide data to NHS Test and Trace if requested.

  • Display an official NHS QR code poster, so that customers and visitors can ‘check in’ using this option, as an alternative to providing their contact details. However, you must still have a system to collect (and securely store) names and contact details for those who do not have access to a smartphone.

  • Ensure you manage this information in line with data protection regulations.

This is a legal requirement and failure to comply is punishable by fines. The BCGBA’s guidance sets out the process you should follow to collect information, and you can find more information in the NHS Test and Trace guidance.

Face coverings

  • People are not required to wear face coverings while taking part in sport and physical activity. All forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise except on specific advice from a physician.

  • Visitors are not required to wear face coverings in sports facilities, however they should be encouraged to wear face coverings in enclosed public areas when not engaging in sport or physical activity.

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