Coloured armbands? Whatever next?

Winter League

The recent meeting of the Winter League Management Committee covered a wide range of topics including making arrangements for the showpiece event of Finals Day of the Winter Cup.

We are keen for this event to be a good experience for spectators as well as the bowlers. Looking at ways of making the spectator's involvement better we are keen to provide them with as much information about how games are progressing as possible. We will therefore be using a public address system, game scoreboards, free matchday programme and in a first, tell me if I am wrong, bowlers will be wearing coloured armbands to identify them to all those around the green.

The use of numbers stuck to the back of bowlers never seems to work very well with numbers ending up blowing freely around the green and surrounding areas. The principle of informing spectators is great but the application is difficult and many competitions have given up the idea long before the final pair hit the green.

The Winter Cup Finals Day will use these coloured armbands which will link them to the scoreboards and identify them on the free matchday programme. Hopefully this will go some way to keeping spectators in tune with the progress in all games during the day.

We are keen to improve the spectator-experience and this is very much a trial for us but hopefully it will help the casual visitor as well as the ardent follower in identifying the bowlers and improving their understanding of the state of all the games on the green at any one time. For the trial we have obtained some armbands (shown alongside) with the letter 'C' on them as used by team captains in various sports. Maybe you could suggest a word beginning with 'C' that depicts what the armband is supposed to signify (but be careful). Tell us now by email to

The Winter Cup Finals Day will see the 8 qualifiers battle it out for the honour of being the first name engraved on the brand new trophy so generously donated by Garry Senior and Tony Butterfield. Finals Day is on the Thursday before Good Friday and that is Thursday 14 April to be held at Milnsbridge BC starting at 2pm.

Full details of the Winter Cup latest list of entrants to date can be found here. Closing date for the competition is 22 March 2022.

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