Colne Valley loses a third of its teams in 3 years

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Four more local leagues have published their 2022 fixture lists on Bowlsnet allowing us to add their team numbers to our Year-on-Year chart. Those four leagues being the Ladies Afternoon League, Ladies Works League, Colne Valley League and Dearne & Don League and none of those has seen an increase in team numbers compared with the pre-pandemic season.

The Colne Valley League being the worse affected of those four suffering a 36% drop in team numbers this season comparing the 2019 pre-pandemic total of 23 teams and down to just 16 teams this year now playing in 2 divisions. That is the second-biggest drop in numbers of the 15 leagues we are monitoring that have published their team numbers so far. Only the Heavy Woollen Parks League has had a worse post-pandemic outcome.

On the same basis, the Ladies Afternoon League has suffered a loss of 3 teams (48 down to 45), the Ladies Works League has dropped down to 14 teams from the 17 it had in the pre-pandemic season and the Dearne & Don League retains the total of 29 teams that it had in 2019.

Still to publish their 2022 fixtures are the Huddersfield League, Liberal League, Works League and Juniors League and we will add them to our chart below as they become available.

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