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The announcement yesterday from the Prime Minister about a delay to the full unlocking of the lockdown contained no surprises and bowling can continue with the certainty that nothing changes. The devil is always in the detail with such announcements and they tend to come from the sport's national governing bodies - the BCGBA in our case - so we await any further guidance from them which we would expect by the weekend if past practice is any guide.

So we continue being careful, using masks whenever we go indoors in public places, the elbow/knuckle shake replacing the handshake in many cases and the sanitising of jacks and mats between games. Clubs also need to be more mindful of the Track & Trace responsibilities to ensure that their license to open isn't jeopardised as well.

Seems a small price to pay to be able to continue bowling and I am sure that many of these practices will become common sights even after the lockdown is fully lifted as expected on 19 July.

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