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Can you name the team, trophy and year?

All Our Yesterdays

Springwood bowler Jeff Mellor has sent me a photograph of a bowling team from the 1950's that he is asking for help in identifying. He would like to know what the team was that his father played for, the year and if possible what the trophy was that the team is proudly displaying. Jeff takes up the story .....

As well as a very good Billiards player my Dad could also play bowls, he taught me on Paddock Inst. & Conservative club as we lived at Paddock. I've come across this photo of him, second right back row, with a cup in front of a clubhouse. I think its in the 50's and as we lived in Paddock could it be Paddock C & BC, it looks familiar as I've played cricket there and the bowling clubhouse was where we had cricket teas. He worked at David Brown Tractors in Meltham and I think he played for them as well. I'm sure someone will recognise the trophy and hopefully by putting all these clues together we can put a year and team to the photo.

Can you help in answering any of these questions? Get in touch and let's see if we can piece together another bit of Huddersfield bowling history. Either use this Contact Us link or add a Comment at the foot of this posting.

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