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Yesterday we set you this teaser ....

Which club's 'A' team won the Subscription Cup one year and the same 'A' team won the Drayton Cup the following year?

Local bowlers will know that the Subscription Cup is the Saturday League's top trophy whilst the Drayton Cup is awarded to the team that wins the second-level league team competition.

The Answer is - KIRKHEATON CON 'A' in 1973 and 1974

In, and prior to, the 1973 season the Subscription Cup competition format was that teams were divided into 4 Sections who then played the other teams in that Section. The four Section winners then progressed to the Knock-Out stages. The winner of the Final won the Subscription Cup. The Kirkheaton Con team won their Section and went on to win the Final and received the trophy.

In 1974 the league format changed with the best teams forming a single top division with the winner being awarded the Subscription Cup. The teams in 'Division 2' competed for the Drayton Cup. The Kirkheaton Con team that won the 1973 trophy was not considered good enough to take their place in the Subscription Cup division. They therefore played in the Drayton Cup league and won that division to receive the Drayton Cup and were promoted to the Subscription Cup for the following season.

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