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Bob Swan adds to the plea

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

League News

Yes another well regarded former Yorkshire and Huddersfield Leagues administrator joins Bill Blackburn's plea for younger bowlers to step up to the mark and take some responsibility by taking control of the future of our competitions.

Bob Swan takes a practical approach to future proofing our leagues by pushing the opportunities that new technology presents for making the roles easier and simpler to manage.

This is what Bob of Cowcliffe Liberal has to say about the present situation.

As a colleague with similar admin experience to Bill, I 100% endorse his comments. Surely there are young veterans willing to spare a few Monday mornings to help maintain our great association?

With modern technology, a new competition secretary would be able to work mainly from home (like David). Will someone out there take it on, you might find fulfillment as I did with the Saturday League and make a lot of new friends in the process

Bob Swan Cowcliffe Liberal BC

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