Bizarre Bowling by Bill & Bob - 5

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Thanks to Paul Rangeley for another Bill & Bob tale. If you know a story that you think bowlers might enjoy then send it to us.

Bill and Bob two inter-district bowlers are playing to go through to the Rose Bowl final, it’s a lovely day. The score is 19 – 19. Bill has played two bowls and Bob has one to play.

Bob asks “who is on" and Bill replies “you are”.

Bob plays his last bowl which goes into the head without disturbing anything. Bill signals one down, whilst quietly confident Bob signals two up.

A measure is called for……… Neither Bill nor Bob are correct, its one to Bill. Bill leads out at the next end and plays a smoker, the rest is history. Not such a lovely day for Bob.

Well I guess there isn’t a bowler alive who hasn’t been wrong and Bob lives to play another day although not in the rose bowl final.

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