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Big wins for Inter-District teams

Veterans League

The Huddersfield Veterans Inter-District team had another big win last Friday when overwhelming the Skipton representative teams by 40-16 after winning 12 of the 16 individual games. That is a third consecutive win and keeps their hopes high for another title-winning season.

The title is likely to be decided in the next round of fixtures when our team meets their West Riding counterparts as the top two teams clash on Friday 22 July. Currently the West Riding team sits at the top of the table although they have played a match more than the Huddersfield team with 21 points between them. There are 56 points at stake in each match in the complex scoring system so a change is certainly within the scope of possibility.

Before then, however, is the Hickson Trophy competition. This is a one-day team knock-out competition involving six of the Inter-District teams and representative teams from Barnsley and Sheffield. That all happens on Friday 8 July when Skipton host the event using five different greens. Huddersfield are the current holders of that title after claiming it on home soil in 2021.




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