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When a new bowler joins your club and warrants being selected for one of your teams then they have to become registered with the BCGBA. It is a straightforward process requiring minimum effort and has to be conducted through a county association.

In the Manchester association and others, new bowlers have the option to provide the information and fee via an online service. That involves downloading a form from the county website to complete and email on to the county registrar and then making a bank transfer for the one-off fee (currently £12).

In Yorkshire none of that is available. The YCCGBA website proudly announces on its home page that it was last updated on 20 January 2021. Of course nothing has happened in the bowling or coronavirus world in the past 4 months worth telling members about! Yorkshire CCGBA continues to lag well behind all the other county associations in so many ways it is embarrassing for the biggest county association in the UK.

It was good to hear that the YCCGBA had commissioned a new website to be developed to improve communications with its members. That was last July. Nothing appears to have happened in the last 10 months. So until something does happen, clubs will have to continue registering new bowlers in a way that is not explained anywhere on their website. I'm afraid that communications continue to be at an all-time low with our governing body.

Maybe if new Yorkshire bowlers were registered through the Manchester online option and the fees paid to Manchester rather than Yorkshire it might prompt them into some form of action but then maybe it wouldn't. Money always seems to be their highest incentive and their only measure in prioritising anything so maybe it would work. Bowlers can register with the BCGBA through any county bowling association. Your rights are just the same if you register through Manchester. Anyone who might want to try that out can use the Manchester online form below.

Download XLSX • 26KB

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