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BCGBA Bowler numbers dropping

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It will be no surprise to anyone that the number of new bowlers registering with the BCGBA has more than halved in this past year in the figures they have just released and shown in the table below. With the BCGBA's obsession with money, their record of new registrations includes a financial total income for those numbers. The figures for 2020 total 1,673 bringing in a total of £20,212 in registration fees to add to the BCGBA funds. With no bowling for 9 months of the year and no competitive bowling at all made it very difficult to recruit new bowlers. In the light of all that the figures seem high.

The total varies with the figures in the Annual Accounts as I believe that they cover different time periods. The Annual Accounts cover the 12-month period ending 31 October whereas the figures below are for the calendar year. The Annual Accounts show the income up to 31 October 2020 for registrations was £22,046 whereas the previous 12-months the total collected was £49,399.

Yorkshire continues to show the biggest total of new registrations. One worrying figure from the published table below is the number of Junior Bowlers registering which was just 68 with a third of those being Yorkshire newcomers.

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