Another viewpoint on recruitment failings

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Another view from a local bowler on why there is a such a problem in recruiting good people into roles within League administration positions.

Jim Baxter is a former member of the Veterans League Management Committee and is now the President of Milnsbridge BC and he has a strong view on why the League is struggling to recruit and retain its members.

Much as I sympathise with the Veterans League Management Committee I feel they should explore the reasons why so many of their numbers resign early or do not wish to continue to serve.

Perhaps if clear messages emerge, only then could real progress be made. Recent infighting and resignations would not be helpful but I think most bowlers appreciate people giving their time to administer the league. I spoke to one such person who shall remain nameless who told me that on joining the management committee he was made to feel insignificant and a spectator to decisions already taken. Not the best start, so within a few months he also resigned. I honestly wish the management well in the search for new members because as we all know without administration the league will cease to exist. Jim Baxter Milnsbridge B C

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