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Bill Blackburn started the latest round of views being published when he challenged the 'younger veterans' to step up to the mark and take over the running of the Veterans League. That opened up a new discussion and a range of opinions and solutions being put forward.

Philip Walker is a former Treasurer at Lindley BC and he adds his viewpoint that the present problem is not all about money.

I fully agree with Bill Blackburn's views. Unfortunately, we now live in a world where bowlers will turn up to play but aren’t prepared to do anything to help their Club, no matter how small.

Whenever a job needs doing, the attitude of some members is “ get someone in and pay them and if it means subs have to go up then that’s fine”. I tend to think this is a selfish attitude as these bowlers can easily afford another say another £10 or £20 per year. But not all can.

But more importantly and thinking more widely, using Lindley B.C. as an example where subs are higher than most at £45, simply increasing the annual subs makes a Club less attractive to join when local Clubs’ subs are a lot less (in our case Lindley Libs.) And so, further down the line membership reduces requiring future increases in annual subs. It then becomes iterative.

Philip Walker Lindley BC

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