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I am indebted to David Cooper for this potted history of Springwood Bowling Club.

Springwood BC first opened in 1909 and is the most central of all clubs in Huddersfield. As such it has always been popular with local services and amenities. Fire, Police and various old Borough departments used the facilities available for various internal competitions and events. During the whole of the Second World War the Cemetery Department used the green continually. Let's hope that our resident fox doesn't dig too deep!

In May 1941 all His Majesty's Forces were made honorary club members and this action has never been reversed.

In October 1941 the Pavilion was retarred and to mark the work a members competition was held on the green with afternoon tea provided.

In July 1942 and 1943 the Yorkshire County Championship Finals were held on our green for the News of the World title

In February 1943 at the AGM 36 new members signed up and a proposal that a halfpence increase on Young and Gilmore bottles should be levied was defeated by 36 votes to 14.

In August 1944 the first Ladies Day was staged.

In July 1946 E Gallagher of Springwood won the Yorkshire County Championship.

In September 1962 the Huddersfield Champion of Champions trophy was staged at Springwood when won by 66 years-old Ronnie Jagger of Outlane who beat 65 years-old Rowland Hinchliffe of Linthwaite C&BC in the Final 21-12.

In October 2020 the first set of fixtures for the Huddersfield Winter League were staged. This being part of a successful campaign to raise the membership and profile of the club in the local bowling community.

The Winter League impact has been considerable with membership increasing substantially due to the green being open right through the year and the formation of a new Ladies Section being a welcome addition. A considerable amount of work has been undertaken on the green to improve it tremendously and work is now in progress on improving the surrounds.

The future now looks much brighter for the club with an increasing membership, improved green and new teams being added to the club's fixture calendar.

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