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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

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The number of local bowlers responding to this initial plea from Bill Blackburn for 'younger veterans' to step up to the mark in running local leagues shows grassroots concern for the future of local bowling. More concern than many leagues are showing about their own futures,

Another contribution below from a local bowler who wishes to remain anonymous although I am aware of their name. This adds to the growing list of names who have voiced their concerns about the running of local leagues, and in particular the Veterans League, in the light of a rising number of resignations from the Management Committee and official positions with no replacements being found.

As someone who came into Crown Green Bowling very late in life, I am therefore able to recollect quite easily my early impressions of attitudes that were prevailing at that time and unfortunately since then have been regularly reinforced.

It was obvious that within our sport there is considerable resistance to change, even though our world is constantly changing and our sport likewise has to change or as is all too evident be left behind and struggle to survive.

It is extremely frustrating at every turn to be met with '' its always been like this '' or without any consideration ''that won't work" or "we don't want that''. No question of" Let's give it a try! "

The negativity is so evident its going to take a sea change of attitude within our sport to bring about the massive change needed from the days when the sport was well supported and financed by the "have a bowl and a skinful brigade"

In my relatively short time in the sport which I love, I have become increasingly fearful for the future of our game unless the younger element amongst us step up to the plate.

Our sport needs a new direction, a pro-active and progressive approach brought about by a younger element, not possible under the influence of the existing bunch of old farts(myself included)!

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