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52 Redundant Greens


I've posted this table before but it, unlike the greens it lists, stands the test of time and will always be of interest to local bowlers. This list of 52 bowling greens that are no longer cared for or in use or even green any more is part of Huddersfield's rich bowling history.

I know that the Canalside front green needs adding to this list but have I missed any more out? Are there any new ones to be added? Is the Paddock C&BC green still in use?

We should never lose sight of our history. If you can recall playing on any of these greens then we would be delighted to hear from you and your memories of that green. Having worked on this site I'm particularly interested in the green at St Luke's Hospital. No one in the bowling circles I am in seem to recall this green and whereabouts on the site it was actually situated. Do you know? Tell us of your memories

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