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£10 Tie-Breaker Draw & Transfer Market update

Well Bowled Fantasy League

The 7 entries who put 28 as their monthly Tie-Breaker guess went into the draw for a £10 cash prize and they were:

  • Robert Tracey (Almondbury BC)

  • David Sykes (Brockholes)

  • Brian Parker (Kirkheaton Con)

  • John Allen (Lindley BC)

  • Barry Gibson (Meltham)

  • Jeff Smith (Meltham)

  • Graham Hall (Rastrick)

Graham Shaw of Grange Moor BC made the draw and he drew out John Allen as the lucky winner. Another £10 winner next month along with the Manager of the Month for May who will win a £20 Well Bowled Sales Voucher.

Next month we are looking for those Tie-Breaker scores that match the May points total of the 10-Man Division 2 leader. If your Tie-Breaker scores match that number then your name goes into the hat for another £10 cash prize. More on that at the end of May.

Do you want to freshen your Fantasy League chances with a new team to replace one of your underperforming sides? Well, that is allowed under our new Transfer Market 5 days window which is now open for business. All your current selections are listed below.


The transfer market is open and you have 5 days to make one change to your line-up before the start of the May fixture programme. Ten entrants have already made their transfers and there are less than 2 days before the 12noon Monday deadline. You are allowed to drop one of your 8 teams and replace them with an alternative selection from the same division. Your current selections are listed at the foot of this posting. To make a change of selection just email stating:

  1. Your name

  2. The Division of the team you wish to drop (e.g. 10-man Division 1)

  3. The team you want to drop (e.g. Lockwood Con A)

  4. Your replacement choice (e.g. Kirkheaton Con A)

If you don't have an email address then please use this form to give us the same information.

That email must be received by 12noon next Monday 2 May for it to be actioned.

The points of your previously selected team will be frozen and credited to your score.

The points of your newly selected team will be added to your score from next week (you do not get credited with any team points gained before the transfer).

Below is the list of all the entrant's beginning of season selections for the five 10-man leagues.

Scroll down for the selections for the 6-man leagues along with the Tie-Breaker guesses. All the selections are in the entrant's club alphabetic order.


(Scroll down for the 6-Man League selections and Tie-Breaker scores)


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