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BCGBA Bowlers' Survey

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The British Crown Green Bowling Association is inviting all bowlers to complete a survey they have designed to help influence the future direction of the administration of our sport. Or as they put it

The BCGBA is currently undertaking a period of significant transition to develop the sport

to be “fit for the future.”

As a Governing body, we fully accept that there is a need for change, and we want the input of the Crown Green Bowing Community to help us facilitate this.

Throughout 2024, we will be issuing a series of surveys to get feedback on what Clubs, and Bowlers, want and need.

Please support the surveys and be honest with your answers. The feedback will help drive change and we’ll share this with you along the way.

Let’s start with where we’re at currently. This survey will remain open until the end of May.

The survey is available online or you can complete a paper version to return to the BCGBA. You can only access the online version if you have a Google email address so that is unhelpful for many and will inevitably limit the number of responses.

Here is the paper version for you to complete and return to the BCGBA.

BCGBA SurveyQuestionnaire May2024
Download PDF • 281KB

The two-page PDF format document cannot be completed online. You need to print it off, write in your answers and then photograph or scan the completed response to email to the BCGBA. So good luck with that. Return the completed Survey to

I've produced a visible copy of the 2-page survey form below to give you an indication of the questions the BCGBA are asking to help you make your mind up if the effort is really worthwhile or not.

I really hope that the BCGBA is serious in consulting its members but this is not a good start with restrictions for many on accessing the survey which will limit the number of responses that they get. Hardly all-inclusive!

The BCGBA has promised to share the results of the surveys with the bowling community during the year. We shall see.

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