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HuddWeb is the Web Portal home for websites linked to bowling leagues in the Huddersfield area. It offers a full service of technical support, content management and hosting services, to all the local leagues for a modest annual charge. This makes a web presence affordable and easily doable to help leagues promote our sport in the area. Any money surplus to covering the actual service costs will be donated to Kirkwood Hospice.

This posting ....

- explains the difference between a website and a web portal

- provides 10 good reasons why your League should join HuddWeb

- lists even more good reasons to sign up

- COVID-19 Impact has to be overcome

- free 3-month trial offer ending soon

Website v Web Portal

What is the difference between a website and a web portal? Basically, a website is a single destination for one organisation, costs quite a bit of money, requires technical know-how to develop and support. Whereas a web portal enables a number of similar organisations to share a common location with information and news of interest to them all to be easily shared whilst maintaining areas specific for each organisation to use for their own purposes. A web portal reduces the costs and shares technical assistance skills. In the HuddWeb Portal you are a member of the Huddersfield bowling community sharing news, experiences, costs, skills and the strength of working together to a common end.


  1. Instant communications with your clubs and bowlers

  2. Access to potential new bowlers and clubs to join your League

  3. Shared content added every day of the week

  4. Regular updates from the BCGBA and Yorkshire CCGBA

  5. News of new grants and fundraising schemes

  6. News of free training and coaching sessions

  7. Your own dedicated League pages on the site

  8. Affordable - you pay a 10th of what a website costs

  9. Worry-Free - no technical input required, all provided in the service

  10. Proven history with 100's of regular daily visitors

Even more good reasons to join

Since first going live on 13 November 2020, just over 3 months ago, the site has grown from providing services to the Winter League and the Ladies Works League to covering six leagues and hopefully more in the future.

The increase in leagues signing up is matched by a rise in the number of visitors to the site. The average number of daily visitors has moved higher each month since formation and now exceeds 250 visitors per day. They are reading all the news and articles about all the local leagues so you have an instant audience of followers as soon as your league comes online.

There are postings every day of the week, in fact there has been a minimum of three postings every day since the site was formed and fresh content is fundamental to a successful site. Whilst actual bowling news has been at a minimum there is plenty of other news and we have become the go-to-website for anyone wanting the latest information and guidance on how COVID-19 has impacted on bowling, what lockdowns have meant to clubs, what grants are available to clubs and what steps clubs and bowlers can take to get back on the green in absolute safety.

COVID-19 Impact

We are heading towards a difficult period in local bowling with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic to be countered following a period of decline in bowler and club numbers over recent years. Being visible within the local community has never been more important. With the reduced almost non-existent coverage provided by the Press, it is the responsibility of each League to ensure that they have the means and tools to reach out to the people of Huddersfield and become proactive in protecting and promoting our sport. HuddWeb has that toolset for your League.

3-Month Free Trial Offer

An opening offer of a free three month trial for any league interested in testing out the service remains open but will be closing shortly. Once the season starts the spare time becomes more scarce so making it difficult to find the time to add new leagues to the Portal.

There is no obligation to continue your membership at the end of the trial period. I would urge any league considering adding the powerful communications tool of the internet to their promotion assets to get in touch soon so that they can be assured of their own pages before the new season starts, whenever that might be. Learn more Contact Us

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