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Youngest ever C-of-C winner - where is he now?

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The series of postings about the youngest-ever winner of the Huddersfield Champion of Champions concluded this week with agreement that 15-years-old Gary Leighton from Doncaster filled that position. But then that prompted the questions of what did the boy wonder go on to achieve in bowling and where is he now?

Dave Parkin took up the challenge and talked to his many contacts and eventually got some further information about Gary from Paul Morgan also from Doncaster and the organiser of the Gambert Baines competition at Scarborough who came up with the following.

That surely must be the end of this diversion but no doubt something else will crop up soon to challenge the memories of many of our regular readers.

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Dave Parkin
Dave Parkin
12 paź 2023

As well as the Doncaster Merit he won in 1975 to qualify for the CofC, he won 4 other area titles from 1975 to 1993. He never played county bowls according to the stats on bowls results.

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