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Yorkshire Cup Final Sunday

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Did you know it is the Yorkshire Cup Final this weekend? Nor did anyone else because the organisation responsible for it hasn't bothered publicising it all. It is the season pinnacle of the Yorkshire CCGBA organised competitions. It has a history stretching back 130 years to 1893 but that means nothing to the parent organisation which hasn't bothered mentioning it at all anywhere that I can find including on their own website where there has been no update on anything since the end of May. There has been no round-by-round reporting of either the results or the fixtures or build-up to the matches.

That has left it up to one of the participating teams, Pudsey, to raise the profile of the event and publicise the competition with the production of the posters below which they have added to their social media outlets.

So the Final is between Pudsey and Thongsbridge and it will be contested at Cleckheaton Sports next Sunday starting at 2.30pm. The details and the two teams' line-ups are listed below.

Right, so that's the Yorkshire Cup sorted. Does anyone know when and where the finals of the other YCCGBA competitions - the Henry Taylor Cup, Eric Hutchinson Memorial Cup and the Derrick Radley Cup - are being played?

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