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Yorkshire CCGBA AGM

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The Annual General Meeting of Yorkshire CCGBA will be held at Cleckheaton Sports next Saturday 26 February 2022 starting at 2.30pm. I finally acquired a copy of some of the papers that are to be discussed at the meeting but some are missing and not yet available including the 2021 Accounts.

Also listed on the agenda but supporting paperwork not yet circulated are the minutes of the 2020 AGM, reports from the Chief Executive and the Registrar.

All the paperwork currently available is shown below.


Yorkshire Crown Green Bowling Association

President E R Pilling Vice President Mrs J Broadbent

From CEO S N Cochrane Montrose Ripley Road Knaresborough HG5 9BY

Date : 6th February 2022

Audience: All Clubs Leagues and Associations in membership of YCCGBA, Council and Former Presidents.

I am delighted to be able to advise you that YCCGBA will be holding an AGM on 26thFebruary 2022 at Cleckheaton Sports Club at 2.30pm, this will be preceded by a Council meeting at 1.00 pm. This letter is official notice of these events.

Please see the attached agenda for the AGM.

In what has been a very difficult two years for many it will be good to get back to some form of normality. I must apologize for the delay in the AGM and notice, but there are very good reasons, firstly the delay in the British AGM, which was scheduled for 5th January 2022, secondly a delay in YCCGBA being able to provide audited accounts and lastly my personal circumstances due to serious family illness.

Please note that the fees for 2022 may alter, whilst we believe this will be the amount levied by BCGBA it still has to be agreed at their AGM. In the absence of a financial statement at time of writing we were keen to ensure that we kept YCCGBA costs as low as possible, we are not producing hand books this year which will save clubs[SC1] £14.00 (information will be on Just Go the BCGBA membership system).


Whilst writing to you I would like to appeal for volunteers for positions within YCCGBA We require a Treasurer for 2022. We also require a development officer and two assistants, these are vital roles to ensure the smooth running of the association. Please contact me for further information

I will send out reports from officials prior to the AGM.

Steve Cochrane (01423 868822,



Yorkshire County Crown Green Bowling Association

Annual General Meeting Agenda

Saturday 26h February 2022 – 2:30pm

Cleckheaton Sports Club

1 – Members Present

2 – Minutes of 2020 (to be circulated prior)

3 – Reports of the Competition Secretary and Assistant Competition Secretary

4 – Report of the Chief Executive (to be circulated prior)

5 – Report of the Treasurer

6 – Report of the Registrar (to be circulated prior)

7 – Report of the Welfare Officer

8- Report of Benevolent Fund

9 – Rule amendments and alterations

As per Rule 6 (1) the proposals for 2022 subscriptions are as follows:

B.C.G.B.A. Levy £35 (BCGBA Meeting 5.3.22 to confirm)

YCGBA Annual Subscriptions. £35

B.C.G.B.A. handbook. £3.00.

YCCGBA Hnadbooks NIL

Total £73.00.

Yorkshire/ H.Taylor per team. £12.00.

E. Hutchinson/ D.Radley per team. £12.00.

Association/ League. £25.00.

County Districts. Not applicable.

To Clubs or Leagues. £30.00.

External Clubs Situated outside the County. £10.00.

9 – Presidents Speech

10 – Election of officers for 2022

11 – Honoraria and Expenses for 2022

12 – Report of the YCCGBA Benevolent Fund

13 – Any Other Business

Notes to Secretaries

1/ Subscriptions DO NOT Pay subscriptions prior to AGM and note these may change

Subscriptions should be paid prior to 1st April 2022 and late payment may result in a fine and players or clubs may become ineligible for competitions.

Please pay subscriptions to Mr Mark Waite 7 Piperwell Close Heckmondwike WF 16 9QF or Mr Steve Cochrane Montrose Ripley Road Knaresborough HG5 9BY Cheques payable to YCCGBA, you may also pay by BACS to YCCGBA sort code 09-01-53 account number 47415482 IMPORTANT PLEASE ENSURE CLUB NAME IS reference

2/ Registration of Players Do not send list to the Registrar these are to be verified by clubs on ‘Just Go’ you need to email registrar confirming your list is up to date before 31st May 2022 (

New players registrations are still £ 12 and a FULLY COMPLETED FORM is required ( a copy is attached) payment details are on the form. The cost for replacement cards remains at £ 4 and completion of the same form is required.

3/ Insurance : It is a requirement of membership of BCGBA (Rule 5 B .vi) that all clubs leagues and associations should have valid liability insurance and that the evidence of this is added to your club profile on JUST GO. Minimum Cover limit is £ 2M Anyone wishing to obtain the reduced cost of the insurance through BCGBA can go through the BCGBA website. Personal accident cover is also available via this site.

There has been a significant rise in the number of claims made against clubs in the last few years don’t be caught out and not be covered as liability may fall on officials trustees in the event of being uninsured.

4/ Cup Competitions : These competition will run in 2022 and will be on the same format as 2019, some clubs may have a credit after paying in 2020 when there was no competition, please contact the fixture secretary if this applied to your club.

Reminder clubs scratching from either the Yorkshire or Hutchinson Cups may not gain a place in the Henry Taylor or Radley Cups.

Entries for all competition to Mark Waite 7 Piperwell Close, Heckmondwike ,WF16 9QF or email

5/ Open Competitions : Attention is drawn to rule 10 2.3.4 and bye law 11b of the BCGBA which applies to men/ladies/mixed open competitions there is a registration fee of £ 5 to county (YCCGBA) and an extra £6 to BCGBA if entries are accepted to players outside of the County. Applications to Mark Waite details as above.

6/Safeguarding: A reminder that most safeguarding certificates expired towards the end of 2021 please ensure your club has at least one registered safeguarding officer and ensure all certificates are up to date, any issues speak to your district safeguarding officer or YCCGBA’s officer Ken Pollard.

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