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YCCGBA Poll sabotage attempt

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

6.35pm Monday

The YCCGBA poll we are conducting has been subjected to a sabotage attempt. Between 6.03pm and 6.07pm this evening 22 votes were cast in support of the YCCGBA being fit for purpose. Prior to that 15 votes had been cast in 3 hours. So 22 votes in 4 minutes looks suspicious and so it proved. All 22 votes were the same answer.

Although the poll is anonymous every computer has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. Any device - desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet - that connects to the internet has to have a unique IP Address. All 22 votes were cast from the same device's IP address. So one person submitted 22 votes in 4 minutes just answering one question with the other 3 questions left blank. That one question was 'Do you believe that the YCCGBA is fit for purpose?' All 22 votes were 'YES'.

Obviously someone is very worried about the outcome of this poll and wanted to either disrupt it or sway the result to their preference. All 22 of those votes have now been deleted. Future votes from that IP address will be deleted regardless of which way they vote. The poll continues here.

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Jeff Jacklin
Jeff Jacklin
16 mars 2021

I have now traced the location of the individual involved which is a lot closer than Russia and is in fact within Yorkshire. I keep my powder dry for the present. I have had to remove a further 4 postings from this individual making that 26 votes that are null and void.


Well spotted Clouseau. Are you going to name and shame? Could it be the Russians again who can't resist tampering with polls?

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