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Updated: Jan 9

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Lovers of the flat green version of bowling get a lot more TV coverage than crown green bowling competitions (well we don't get any airtime at all) and that resumes this month with the World Indoor Championships from Hopton-on-sea, in Norfolk. Even the die-hard crown green bowlers can appreciate the skill that goes into bowling at this level.

The build up has started for the 2022 Potters Resorts World Indoor Bowls Championships start on Friday 7th January at 15:00 live on the World Bowls Tour Facebook and YouTube platforms, and then it is on BBC2 from 1.00pm on Monday 17th January starting with the World Open Pairs Final.

Facebook fans can keep up to date with updates of the two Open Pairs premliminary games using the Facebook live feature on Friday (7th) morning.

09:30 Gary Pickering/Erik Galipeau(CAN) v William Moulton/Ashley Nethercliffe (ENG)

11:30 Lee Calver/Conner Cinato (ENG) v Chris McGready/John McHutchison (SCO)

COVID travel restrictions will prevent some country representatives from travelling but the major performers are from England, Scotland and Ireland and they will all be there with eight countries in total will be represented.

If you want to watch a sample of the standard of bowling of this alternative version of the sport then you can still watch hours of action of the later stages of 2021 competition on Youtube.

This year spectators will be allowed in (all being well) to witness the matches live and arrangements are well in hand to receive them as can be seen from this week's photo on the installation of the bowling surface and spectator seating. All very impressive.

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