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Winter League trophy winners

Winter League

The winners of almost all the individual and team titles for the 2021-22 season were presented with their awards at the End -of-Season Meeting on Wednesday, I am grateful to Bob Haigh for the photographs which record this significant milestone in the life of the Winter League.

Les Holmes receives the Founder Cup on behalf of Lower

Hopton who won the 2021-22 Division 1 Championship.

Graham Hirst of Lower Hopton receives the Founders

Trophy as the winner of the Division 1 Top Bowler award.

Peter Swinden collects the Founders Plate on behalf of Meltham BC who won the Division 2 Championship

The Lily Rose Trophy was won by Eddie Haigh of Meltham BC as the Division 2 Top Bowler. Eddie was unable to attend the presentation so it was collected on his behalf by his team captain Peter Swinden. Peter had donated the trophy to the League which is a magnificent glass bowl which is shown below. The photo above shows Lily Rose in person attending her first-ever bowls meeting. We have warned Grandad Peter that he has set a family precedent by donating this trophy and naming it after his first grandchild. We are looking for at least four more new trophies for next season so we are hoping that Lily Rose quickly acquires some brothers and sisters!

The Lily Rose Trophy

Jill Driver and Irene Haigh from Lindley BC B collect the Founders Shield as presented by Mike Ralph to the Division 3 Champions.

Mike Raph examines the new Treasurer's Trophy as donated by our Treasurer Bob Haigh and won in this inaugural season by David McLean of Thorpe Green as Top Bowler in Division 3.

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