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Winter League survey results 2

Winter League

Yesterday we published the first set of results from our wide-ranging 14-Question survey of Winter League bowlers. Today we can add many of the comments from responders about what they like about playing in the Winter League.

Tomorrow we feature the things that bowlers would like to change for next season.

What I like about bowling in the Winter League:

  • It is important to have a social and friendly competition to help get through the winter months. Its never going to be like bowling in the sunshine but the winter league has many benefits for all crown green bowlers. Jim Baxter, Milnsbridge BC

  • Bowling competitively Peter Swinden, Meltham BC

  • Being able to bowl with friends from own club during the winter. Nice also to see the same bowlers from other teams each week and can enjoy friendly competition with them and a laugh. There is an excellent social atmosphere at Milnsbridge. Alan Hobson, Thorpe Green

  • it gets me out of the house Paul Rushworth, Thorpe Green

  • Gives an extension to the summer bowling season David Frost, Thorpe Green

  • Getting out and socialising during the winter months Mike Thornton, Lindley BC

  • The people Glynis Philbin, Lindley BC

  • It is mostly very friendly, on and around the green Peter Fuller, Lindley BC

  • All abilities and exercise and fresh air Anon, Dalton

  • The competitive but friendly atmosphere that the games are played in Jeff Mellor, Springwood

  • Friendship, competition and exercise John Allen, Lindley BC

  • Good for improving standard of bowling David Cooper, Springwood

  • Bowling is a way to get out meet people have fun and a good game of bowls, love it Malcolm Gilbert, Clayton West

  • A refreshing lack of moaning. Competitive in a very friendly way. John Pix, Springwood

  • Keeps us active throughout the year and continue to see friends and fellow bowlers Brian Faichney, Huddersfield Recreation Club

  • Enjoy all bowling. In the winter league you come up against any standard of bowler but everyone is friendly, at Springwood it is very well organised and many thanks to all the people involved Tim Poulter, Clayton West

  • The camaraderie and competitive nature of the bowlers taking part and the efficient way host clubs have looked after us Mike Pointon, Huddersfield Recreation Club

  • This year especially having bowling at all. Nice most of the teams who have lady members have played them Helen Lambert, Springwood

  • Meeting like-minded people. Pleasure of being able to bowl in winter months

  • Getting out in winter for start, and then the friendly nature of the competition. I have seen experienced top-level bowlers taking time to help and advise relative beginners (who I know have appreciated the help) when their matches have finished. This is the main reason I don't want staggered starts where people just turn up to bowl and then leave, the winter league is about friendship and camaraderie not just winning. (especially this year) Bob Haigh, Huddersfield Recreation Club

Tomorrow we feature the things that bowlers would like to change for next season.

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