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Winter League open to new teams

Winter League

Now that the sun has started shining it's time to look ahead to colder days - the Winter League 2021-22. The Management Committee met last week to consider all matters relating to the new season and has now opened the door for new team entries.

League Chairman, Mike Ralph of Springwood welcomes new teams ....

As sure as night follows day, winter follows summer, and in a few short months, the Huddersfield Winter League programme will start. Last year despite Covid, the Winter League did manage to bowl a short stop-start programme until eventually being forced to cancel it’s inaugural season. However, despite this setback, the response from the participants was without exception extremely enthusiastic, encouraging, and positive, thereby ensuring the future of our new league. In fact we expect it not only to be a permanent fixture in our bowling calendar but to gain considerably more support and flourish accordingly.

With this in mind we are inviting applications from new teams for the 2021/22 season. Bearing in mind we play our fixtures on host greens, your team does not need it’s own green, it could for example be made up of four friends or colleagues, the only provisos being that they are aged over 60 and have a BCGBA number and comply with our Match Play Rules 2, 3 & 4.

Personally, I have not been bowling for many years, but have always bowled in summer and winter thoroughly enjoying both. In fact quite often the weather conditions in our so-called summers are considerably worse for bowling than in the winters.

A big proportion of our age group is inclined to either hibernate or vacate to warmer climes during the winter months. If in the former group bowling once a week in a league can provide the incentive to get us out, provide a bit of exercise, a bit of competition, and a cup of tea ( or coffee or even a Bovril) with a biccy or two amongst a group of like-minded friendly people.

A thought especially for bowling clubs who have not considered winter bowling previously, A winter league bowling team might provide a bit of impetus to your club, a shot in the arm if you like. You might feel your club is a bit tired, needs a bit of a lift, a little something to invigorate it? This could help!

In conclusion, should you wish to enter a team please contact us before Monday 5 July. This will enable us to finalise our plans for the new season commencing in October in good time.

So put on two extra layers, your long johns and bring a mac. You’ll enjoy it!

Come and Join Us!


Mike Ralph, Chairman

Before providing details of how to apply there are a number of changes to how the League works that need explaining as these may influence teams' thoughts on applying. All these things have to go before the AGM in July before being accepted but are included to show prospective member teams what they are getting into. In addition, new teams need to be aware of the current League Rules

These are the main things that new teams need to be aware of:

  • Applications for new teams must be received by the first Monday in July (5th)

  • Bowlers must be 60 or over to bowl in the League

  • Teams of 4 of mixed gender but no minimum or maximum number of either

  • Match format for 2021-22 will be 2 x Singles and 1 x Pairs

  • Matches will be played on a Monday or a Wednesday starting at 12noon - this is a proposed change from last year to avoid clashing with the Hove Edge Winter League

  • A League Membership Fee of £15 per team is proposed for next season

  • Teams will be divided into divisions based on merit with promotion and relegation

  • The season starts in October and runs to the end of January playing once a week

Soon we will be contacting our current 14 teams in the League asking them about their intentions for the 2021-22 season. The positive feedback received last season makes us hopeful that they will all sign up for the new season as well. We would like to add a third division of 8 teams for the coming season. We have a new green available to us in addition to Milnsbridge and Springwood which looked after us so well last season.

Team applications must be received in writing by Monday 5 July for the 2021-22 season.

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