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Winter League new teams update

Winter League

For the past 4 years the Huddersfield Winter League has been the fastest-growing league in the country as compared with the 250+ leagues using Bowlsnet. From a zero membership in 2020 to 54 teams in 2023 and another increase is anticipated for the 2024-25 season.

At some point the League is expected to stabilise around a still unknown number. It seems unlikely that the League has reached that final point yet with four more teams already lined up to join the competition for the coming season. Firm applications for new teams have already been received from Kirkheaton C&BC B, Holmfirth, Elland WMC and Hanging Heaton B with tentative enquiries from two other teams.

With an increase in each of the previous seasons of never less than 13 new teams each year, this figure represents a slowdown in new teams but most leagues would settle for four new teams every season. There is less than 4 weeks before the 1 July closing date for new teams and any team considering joining the League is encouraged to make contact now.

We recently announced that Cowcliffe and Lockwood Con have offered their greens to the League for the new season and a third host green is also in the pipeline if required. As we aim for 64 teams to provide 8 Divisions with 8 teams in each, the infrastructure is already in place to support this number and indeed an even bigger number.

If you are interested in putting a team forward to join the Winter League then please get in touch. We are just over a month away from the final closing date for new team applications for the 2024-25 season. We can provide guidance and support to anyone considering joining the League. Contact the League Secretary, Jeff Jacklin, on 07968 171 197 or by email to or use our Contact Us form.

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