Winter League - 4 new teams apply

The Winter League has only just opened the doors for new teams to apply for membership for the second season starting in October and running through to the end of January and four new team applications have already been received.

Just a reminder that we are taking new teams up until the deadline on Monday 5 July so if you intend to join us or want more information then get in touch now.

A few more new comments from bowlers who played in the League last year when we asked them to tell us about what they enjoyed most about playing in the league and this is what they said....

  • I enjoy all bowling in the winter league you come up against any standard of bowler but everyone is friendly, at Springwood it is very well organised and many thanks to all the people involved. Tim Poulter, Clayton West

  • The camaraderie and competitive nature of the bowlers taking part and the efficient way host clubs have looked after us. Mike Pointon, Huddersfield Recreation Club

  • This year especially important to have bowling at all, but nice most of the teams who have lady members have played them. Helen Lambert, Springwood BC

  • Meeting like minded people. Pleasure of being able to bowl in winter months. Dave Turner, Springwood

  • Getting out in winter for a start, and then the friendly nature of the competition. I have seen experienced top level bowlers taking time to help and advise relative beginners (who I know have appreciated the help) when their matches have finished. This is the main reason I don't want staggered starts where people just turn up to bowl and then leave, the winter league is about friendship and camaraderie not just winning. (especially this year). Bob Haigh, Huddersfield Recreation Club

Basic details you need to know if you are thinking of joining the League

  • All bowlers must be aged 60 or over

  • Mixed-gender teams with no minimum or maximum numbers of either

  • Bowling in 2021 will be on a Monday or a Wednesday from 12noon

  • 4-person teams playing 2 Singles and 1 Pairs matches

  • £15 annual fee per team

If you want to know more then either drop us an email or read the League Rules

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