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Winter Fantasy League - we have a winner!!

Well Bowled Fantasy League

The final day of the season and Simon Neve hangs on to top spot to take the top prize and confine long-time leader, Hazel Rangeley, to the runner-up slot.

Only two points separated the top five finishers so a really good contest keeping so many involved for so long.

Tucked in just behind Hazel is her other half, Paul, making a late bid for glory and taking third place courtesy of a better Tie--Breaker guess.

At the start of the season when making their forecast entrants are asked to guess the end of season total points score of the Winter League Division 1 Champions. This guess to be compared against the actual total achieved whenever there is a need to separate entries to sort out the prize money.

The target was 72 points which Champions Lower Hopton collected on route to winning the title. Three entrants finished in equal third place on the same 339 total so the Tie-Breaker comes into play.

The three guesses were: Paul Rangeley - 77pts

Des Emsel1 - 79 pts

Andrew Carter - 103 pts

So this puts Paul into 3rd place just behind his better half making the division of the prize fund as follows:

  1. Simon Neve £40

  2. Hazel Rangeley £20

  3. Paul Rangeley £10

All prizes are paid out in Sales Vouchers to spend with our long-time sponsor Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot.

Congratulations to Simon and I hope that you all enjoyed following your selected teams throughout the season and we hope to run another Fantasy League during the 2023 summer season.

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Congratulations Simon and have a nice drive through Happy Valley.

Many thanks to you Jeff for providing the entertainment. The swearing in our house on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be sadly missed.

Hazel and

Me gusta
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