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Winter Cup is up and running

Winter League

The first qualifying round of this year's Winter Cup KO is to be played among the 28 entrants from Division 4 teams who will be playing down to 4 qualifiers who will progress to the Round of the Last 24.

It all starts at 11.30am on Tuesday 13 February and all 28 are playing off scratch. The handicap of +3 for the Division 4 qualifiers comes into play from the Round of the Last 24 which takes place at Lindley Lib on Wednesday 10 April.

The Qualifying Round draw will be made just prior to the start time of 11.30am and these are the 28 entrants.

The closing date for entries from Divisions 4 and 6 bowlers has now passed and the last day to enter for Division 3 bowlers is today. There is still time for bowlers from the other three divisions to enter but they are all asked to check their availability through all the dates for each round of the competition before entering. All the dates for the qualifying dates. the date of the Round of the Last 24 and Finals Day are all listed below.

This is the playing format for the 2024 competition.

Qualifying Round

Each of the 6 Divisions stages its own qualifying competition with four qualifiers from each progressing to Finals Day 1. The dates vary and all are listed in the table above. Please note some of these dates have changed from an earlier publication. This year the draw will be made on matchday.

Finals Day 1 The Round of the Last 24 will be held at Lindley Lib from 1.00pm on Wednesday 10 April 2024. Bowling down to the Last 8 who progress to Finals Day 2. The draw for the rest of the competition will be made on matchday.

Finals Day 2 Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final to be held at Lindley Lib from 1.00pm on Sunday 14 April 2024.

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