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White Winter Wonderland

Winter League

It hardly resembled a bowling green at all - more a bowling 'white' - but it still served the purpose albeit a bit more noisily than would normally be the case. I asked if the white covering was snow or frost and was told that it was a 'dusting' so that's neither then I assume? This after all is WINTER League bowling.

A frozen surface tempered with a light dusting enabled the 8 teams in Division 3 to complete their Monday fixtures. Although frozen it wasn't a slippery surface which made it safe for bowling on so no regrets about going ahead with the matches. Full match reports and 'Card of the Day' to follow.

The 24 photographs below capture the Black & White colouring of the day which doesn't do justice to the spirit of the bowlers who were relieved that their weekly match had overcome the elements to enable them to get out in the fresh air and meet and talk with like-minded individuals.

Use the side arrows to scroll through the 24 images and click on any to enlarge

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