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Weston Park Trophy 2022 fully booked

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£3,400 Weston Park Trophy 2022

Within 36 hours of opening for entries to the 2022 Weston Park Trophy, all 64 places have been taken. The entry process remains open for those prepared to put their names on the reserve list.

The Weston Park Charity Trophy is the first to open for entries for the 2022 season. With being able to move back to their traditional April start and with early advertising the Weston Park Trophy is hoping that the problems with bowlers not showing on the day can be overcome. A financial incentive has also been added to ensure that the charity doesn't lose out as well. The competition will once again be held at Brockholes Bowling Club.

Prize money has doubled to £1,000 for the eventual winner through very generous sponsorship from Central Recycling Yorkshire Ltd. With 4 qualifying sessions of 16 players, 4 to qualify from each session. Win 2 games to triple your money:

Saturday April 9th - 10:30am start (10am practice) Saturday April 9th - 2:30pm start (2pm practice) Sunday April 10th - 10:30am start (10am practice) Sunday April 10th - 2:30pm start (2pm practice)

Finals Night: Saturday April 30th - 5pm start (4:30pm practice)

£25 Entry

Entries to join the reserve list to Liam Sykes on 07359082724 or on Facebook.

Due to last year's dropout situation, all entrants will go onto the reserve list until payment is received, pay upfront to secure your place.

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